Thursday, 23 February 2017

Harkness Discussion With The Scorpion Squad! :)

1. How did we support quieter people during the discussion?
We asked one of our quieter group member to be the moderator so they can get a bigger chance to talk and have more opportunities to jump in.

2. How did we support the more talkative people in the group?
Our moderator would switch questions or ask and quiet person their opinions when someone was talking too much.

3. What is the timestamp of our best moment of discussion, and why?
Around 6:20 because that is when we asked the question about Mr. MacGregor clone because everyone was trying to talk and we had some cool inferences about what they were doing to the clone on the bed.

4. What is our main goal for our next discussion?
I think for next time before we start recording we should decide when we switch question because some questions went on for a really long time and some people were just repeated what other people have already said.

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