Wednesday, 1 March 2017

El Patrón's Playlist

To start with our playlist has a couple different types of music. There is some sad, some happy and upbeat. The sad songs were chosen because El Patron has had a rough life with 18 of his family members already dead or dying. Since El Patron has lost so many family members he holds on to everyone he gets the chance to he never ever will or has let them go.  

To represent EL Patron’s round character we are showing the type of music we think he would listen to from the evidence in the book. For example, El Patron is a pretty old guy so when you think about it, he wouldn’t be listening to modern day music. To show his static personality we are showing a more powerful upbeat song to help show that he is the boss and he wants what he wants.

Since El Patron is 143 years old you would think he would listen to some slow rhythm and blues music, he also talks quite mature and classical, as well he tries to make his big house like his hometown from when he was a little boy, he is 143 years old making it from a long time ago. El Patron is the most powerful drug lord and to try to show his thoughts through music we will be showing a more powerful song than the other ones.

Almost everyone is afraid of El patron because of how powerful he is, there is only a couple that are not afraid of him, but that is beside the point, everyone is afraid of him and for that, we thought that we should add some intense violin parts to show his twisted branches...

He is an old guy and doesn’t have many actions since he’s in a wheelchair and can barely move. Representing his actions we will be showing slow and sad music as we would think El Patron would feel/look like while wheeling around in his wheelchair.

El Patron is an old man but with the ability to make clones of himself he can get replacement organs when one of his are unable to work on its own. When you think about it this is deep that someone makes clones of himself and then uses the clone's organs so you stay alive. One of our songs choices is Fur Elise and this is because El Patron loves listening to Matt play the piano.

El Patron may be old, but his voice makes chills go down some people’s spines. As described in the beginning of the section “Middle Age”, his voice is not very loud but demands attention and respect. When he wants something, he’s so powerful that he gets it, pretty much no matter what it is.

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