Tuesday, 14 March 2017

True Leadership Requires Support Freely Given

Our teacher gave us a challenge. It was to make a theme and make a visual representation to match it (or the other way around). Here is our final submission. It is a picture of a scorpion with flaps cut into it. Under the flaps are explanations for why we labeled each part that way. Each character in the book was labeled a body part the represented them. The explanations were folded into springs so that they could fit. The explanations were:
In the book, El Patrón is the leader and powerful drug lord. In the scorpion, he is the body of the scorpion because he controls what everyone else as the legs do.
Daft Donald is an important person but he is not really known about as much so that is why he is the left claw.
Tam Lin is the right claw because more people are right handed, and we know more about Tam Lin then we do about Daft Donald. Tam Lin was also El Patrón’s right-hand man. (Indispensable)
Matt is considered not important and irrelevant but if Matt and all the other clones were nonexistent El Patrón would not be alive for 148 years. The stinger of the scorpion looks like just a tail, but without it, the scorpion could not be protected.
These people are not the main characters but without them, El Patrón would not be able to be a leader because he would have no one to lead. However, if some of them were gone or ended up dying, El Patrón would still be the powerful leader of opium. Just as if the scorpion legs were to fall off, the body (El Patrón) would not be able to walk or continue. If El Patrón died, all the legs wouldn't be connected to a body, and would have nothing to support, therefore dying. It's a mutual sort of relationship, if not parasitic.
Down here is a photo of the project we collaborated on. Under the subtle bumps in the paper are descriptions to follow up our thinking on why we labeled what we did.

The visual representation.

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  1. Very insightful theme and visual representation